How it works?

Daily Coupons:

Get daily random discount coupons of different categories which will help you save money from your pocket.Explores hyper local stores within your reach with Geo-location based map feature.Use these coupons to reduce your bill and feel the joy of saving.Carry your coupons with you wherever you go, even when offline or facing low connectivity issues - enjoy a paperless experience.Browse and find merchants around you, choose from a wide range of offers & deals, and have a hassle-free buying experience.

Be Socialize:

Send and get gift coupons from your loved ones. Be socialize asked for gift coupons to your friends and help them save too.Create group and share gift coupons with your loved once across your contacts.Feel the joy of giving with Mauka App

Earn some cash:

Sell your unused coupons in the Mauka market or search for the same as per your need.Earn some cash with Mauka market & feel the joy of earning as well.No cash back harassment or fake deals only genuine discount coupons. Avail the discount on your bill as your right.

Meet Our Team

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    Apurv Authankar

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    Huria firdous

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    Quddisia Firdous

    Co Founder
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    Ayush Gupta



What is Mauka App?
Mauka is an exclusive discount couponing app which provides daily gift coupon that helps you reduce your bill when you shop online or offline. It also gives you local store information where you can avail this discount while shopping. Fulfill your daily needs by using this discount coupons. Download the app now and feel the joy of giving, saving and earning. Mauka – Ab har din milega.
What does Mauka App do?
Mauka App provides daily exclusive discount coupons to reduce your bill on your daily needs purchases. It also helps you to give these gift coupons to your loved ones. You can also earn some bucks by selling these gift coupons in Mauka Market.
What is Mauka Group?
The Mauka discount coupons can be shared among friends and family by using Mauka group. You just need to create a group, add members, chat and gift you Mauka coupons in the group.
Tell me about Mauka market?
Mauka market is an app market place where you can buy the discount coupons required for your purchase or sell your unused gift coupons to earn some cash.
What you charge for the Mauka gift coupons?
Who said you won’t get anything in Rupee 1. That much only.
Can I gift Mauka coupons to my friend?
Yes buddy, that’s where you will feel the joy of giving.
Do I need to use the disocunt coupon the day I get it?
No. But use it before 45 days or any expiry date. Check details carefully.
Are there any terms & conditions for this discount coupons?
Yes, you’ll find it under T&C.
How would I know where to use this discount coupons?
Well there is a map with store locations as well website links where you can use this discount coupons. No matter where you are you will find the best stores to shop and save.
Why do you need my location?
So that you can use those discount coupons near to you.

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